The history of Kastellorizo dates back to the Neolithic Age. Its first inhabitants were the Pelasgians as can be seen in various finds and ruins of fortresses.


The fortress of the Crusaders Knights of St. John, the Lycian Tomb, the Monastery of St George with the catacomb and One of the most beautiful underwater caves of the Mediterranean, the ‘Blue Cave’ is some of the attractions the island has to offer.


The island has only a few sandy beaches there are no organized beaches, but the waters are so clear that they make it the only island where you can dive from any point.


There are great places on the island for both day cruises and hiking. Take a water taxi and visit the Blue Cave, Agios Georgios Island, Ro Island, Navlaka Bay, Plakes and Agios Stefanos. In addition, there are excellent hiking trails on the island

Useful numbers

Area Code: 22460
Medical Center: 22460 49267
Police : 22460 49333
Port Police: 22460 49270
Airport:  22460 49250
Town Hall: 22460 49232,
                    22460 49269
Taxi:  6938739178
Travel agency: 22460 70630